Reggie and Kathy

Reggie and Kathy

Friday, January 27, 2012

So much for blogging!

Well, here I am a year and a half later and haven't updated this site. I think it's just been difficult to put all that I'm experiencing down on paper. 18 months have gone by and though things have calmed down it's not any easier dealing with such a blow of having my husband incarcerated. We are still waiting for the appeal to happen. You know, you have the right to a speedy trial (except if your Serbeck)but you do not have a right to a speedy appeal. I'm trying to have faith in a miracle but as more time goes by it feels as though Reg will serve at least his minimum term of 3 years. So, now the thing for me to do is establish a new normal. I have to provide for my family without a husband and that means working. I'm not afraid of working. I worked full time for 10 years while raising the older 2 girls in a very stressful job as a social worker. Just can't do that again! Too hard of a job and I have enough to worry about to have to worry about other people's problems. The economy right now can I say "sucks"! No good jobs with benefits in the SU area. Looks like part time job for now.

I should say through all of this my family has received so many blessings in our time of trial. So many good people who have been our living angels have helped us through the most difficult times of our lives. They are right where they needed to be. Thanks to my wonderful Bluffdale friends and ward members who helped me through the last year when I was trying to sale my home and helped me pack my large home to move without a husband. Thanks to my new Hurricane ward who stepped right in and helped me move in without them knowing me. I think there was 20 elders that came to help me. They have since helped in ways I so badly needed with a home that is a fixer upper and in need of repair. Talk about salt of the earth type people, the Hurricane people they are! I know I am in the right place at this time. And then my daughter Paige decides to serve a mission and is now in the Bangkok Thailand mission. They are right when they say the family is blessed when they have a missionary. Paige is going to be a wonderful missionary and I look forward to her many stories and tales. I miss her but she is right where she needs to be. I am living my life through her eyes right now, oh how I desire to be a missionarY! We are so blessed when we lean on Heavenly Father and we try to do all that we can in his way. I am grateful for the gospel in my life and know that "this to shall pass". Eternity beside our Heavenly Father and our families is the ultimate goal. So, if we have to wait another 18 months or even the next life to be a family in eternity it will all been worth it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The waiting and not knowing is the hardest!

Well Reggie is in R& O now (receiving and Observation). That means no visits or phone calls to anyone until he is out. That could be anywhere from 30 to 90 days. He is basically in my front yard over at the Draper facility. I drive by almost everyday but I know he won't even see the light of day until he is placed in population. Mail is really slow....Im guessing they open every letter up and scrutinize it. It doesn't appear that Reg has received even one letter of mine yet. I have sent 8 so far and he has only been in there 10 days. I have received 3 of his letters so far.

At first Reggie was struggling spiritually in there. Too much time on his hands laying there and thinking about everything. He says reading material in there suck and he doesn't have scriptures yet. He was made a "trustee" position and gets out of his cell 4 hours a day instead of just 1. He says that helps a lot. He has to help with meals and do some cleaning. He indicates that this R&O area wouldn't pass a health inspection. Pretty gross! The guards like him and the Captain has told him behind closed doors they were going to try and fast track him out to general population! That would be great! They also told him to tell his wife to stop calling! "Tell her we will take good care of you". Hahaha

We have filed the petition for a re-trial so now its waiting to see if the Judge grants it to us. I understand that a re-trial approval is very slim. If that isn't granted to us then we will appeal the conviction to the Supreme Court. That might be our best option. This could take months however before we hear of a decision. Please keep praying for us!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's beginning to sink in.

Feeling a little overwhelmed today! I have been out of town helping my mom with my dad who had open heart surgery. He is going to be ok,just a long recovery ahead. It was nice to get away and focus on someone else for a change. Now it's back to reality and the reality is that I must carry on taking care of my responsibilites as well as Reggie's. I thought I did a lot before but I didn't realize all that Reg did too. And still there's the unkown....what will happen at sentencing! Will I have to be a struggling single mom for many years?

All I know right now is that I now need to get back to some type of normalcy, a routine for my kids sake. They need the stability and consistency to help them get through their troubles as well. Thank goodness for wonderful friends and family to help me through this. The Lord still confirms to me that it will be alright!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reggie's defense fund

Here is a link for Reggie's defense fund. If anyone asks what they can do to help the family let them know of this. It is to help with his legal defense fees as well as future costs the family will need in fighting for his early release.

Reggie's trial

I've decided to create a blog site to update those who are interested in how Reggie is doing since being convicted of 1st degree attempted murder and 2 accounts of assault. I think everyone except for a small few were shocked at the guilty verdict. It was evident Tuesday evening that things were in Reggie's favor. However the closing argument that was left with the prosecution was extremely slanderous and portrayed a man in"extreme rage out on a hunt to kill his prey". This was hammered over and over to the jury for at least an hour. Nathan Evershed twisted and turned the truth into something over the top and crazy! Justice was not served. The truth was skewed and distorted and that was the last impression left with the jury.

We are still fighting and will fight for him to be released for as long as we can. There are things in the works and if worse case scenario happens and he is sentenced 3 years to life, we will file for a re-trial.